Design, Engineering, & Consulting
Over the years, Diamond Z engineers have been responsible for engineering and designing the underground storage tank standards for a variety of clients, including major oil, private regional oil, and transportation companies, plus, big box retailers. These standards have included a variety of single and double walled products, as well as, dispensers and equipment from all the leading suppliers. Put our extensive product knowledge and supplier contacts to work for you in the development of your standards.

National Grocery Store Chain
Recently Diamond Z engineers were responsible for the development, design, and
drafting of a national grocery store chain’s service station standards. Now these engineering standards are being implemented throughout their store network as new gasoline service stations are being built. In addition to the UST standards, we develop the site civil plans for each facility to be constructed.

National Transportation Company
Another example of Diamond Z’s petroleum engineering being put to work is in the development of UST standards for a national over the road transportation company. The engineering for this company involves both aboveground and underground storage tank systems. These standards have been used in nearly every state in the continental US.

Major Oil Company
When managing a program to upgrade a major oil company’s service stations, Diamond Z established “Tank top and dispenser upgrade” standards to be used for permitting and construction. These standards combined current design standards with existing site conditions.

Permitting & Project Management
Call in the experts: Diamond Z project managers have managed scores of refueling upgrades and re-image projects for major clients throughout the United States. For these contracts, our team focuses on survey and scope definition, drawing design, material procurement, contractor bidding and selection, permitting, and construction management.

A testament to our quality and caliber of work, some of the most widely recognized brands in the world rely on Diamond Z to manage their high-profile projects, with an expert hand.

Major Oil in the Midwest
Diamond Z initially surveyed hundreds of retail gasoline stations in preparation for a push to upgrade operating service stations to company UST standards, which exceeded regulatory requirements. This program relied heavily on our skills to accurately assess and survey the existing sites and prepare engineering appropriate for each location.

Diamond Z engineers were responsible for the tank top and dispenser containment sump upgrade of scores of retail gasoline stations throughout the Midwest. Following an initial site survey, we developed the bid and permit sets, bid each project, secured materials, and oversaw construction. Extensive coordination was required between our engineers, station and company managers, vendors, contractors, and permitting agencies.

Diamond Z managed the site survey and permitting of multiple cooler expansion projects throughout Ohio. The client has provided the site list - our project managers have been administering the statewide program. This program, like others, requires the investigation of local zoning and building codes as well as meeting with local planners and building officials. Frequently we are called on to present at local planning commission meetings on behalf of the client. We have secured hundreds of building and sign permits over the years.


Image Conversion Programs
There’s a lot to be said about name-brand notoriety. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it—but when you have to change that well-known name or image, successful results require careful orchestration. Diamond Z engineers and project managers have years of experience implementing a host of big-name image conversions for retail service stations and fast food restaurants. Some recent examples of brand conversions we’ve managed include the change from Amoco to Speedway, Mobil to Speedway, Texaco to Shell, Mobil to Sunoco, and Marathon to Speedway.

Major Oil
We supported a major oil company’s image conversion program in the mid-Atlantic region as a result of its acquisition of Mobil branded service stations. These successful conversions were the result of constant communication between our engineers, sign suppliers and installers, subcontractors, and site management.

Major Oil in the Midwest
Diamond Z project managers surveyed, planned, and permitted the conversion of a large jobber acquisition from one brand to another for a major oil company in the Midwest. While this program only consisted of 12 service stations, it was complicated due to its high profile and accelerated time line. Obtaining signage and conversion permits has always been a critical service at Diamond Z.


Inspection and Compliance
Diamond Z Engineering provides critical path third-party inspections for our clients who desire the fiscal benefits and streamlined project management that come with effective outsourcing. Leading our effort is Diamond Z’s professional team of field-tested inspectors who offer direct UST installation or oversight experience. Our entire field staff is trained and certified in all the conventional UST and piping systems, as well as certified through API's Work Safe Safety Key Program.

Diamond Z inspectors and engineers fully document the delivery, excavation preparation, installation, and backfill of underground storage tanks and associated systems. A photographic history and comprehensive report are submitted to the client within three business days and are also posted on our secure website so the customer always has immediate access to the historical data at all times.

Our critical path inspections progress from the installation of the underground storage tanks to the installation of the piping and sumps. All piping systems and sumps are tested using the manufacturer’s or regulator’s approved testing method. We also document the completed project with a punch list and 30-day follow-up.


Diesel Refueling Facilities
Diamond Z Engineering has developed and installed the diesel storage and dispensing standards for a variety of over-the-road refueling and trucking companies. We have a thorough, working knowledge of the unique requirements of large capacity storage and dispensing systems, and put that experience to work for our clients in a host of applications nationwide.

National Transportation Company
Our engineers are managing the construction of diesel refueling facilities at shipping distribution terminals throughout the United States. Responsibilities included the initial site survey, engineering and plan development, permitting, contractor selection, material procurement, the construction management and process inspection.

National Retailer
Diamond Z is working with a national retailer’s engineering department to develop UST standards for their diesel refueling systems. This is an ongoing process to be implemented at new facilities and to go back and upgrade existing facilities as required.

National Transportation Company
Our team is coordinating with the consultants of a national transportation company to manage the maintenance of existing underground storage tank systems, as well as updating SPCC Plans throughout their terminal network.

National Truck Stop Chain
Diamond Z implemented a system to expand a national truck stop chain’s dual product capability, enabling them to offer both ultra-low and regular diesel fuel at many of their facilities, resulting in increased revenue and greater customer satisfaction.


Grocery Store Service Station Development
Diamond Z Engineering has supported a number of grocery store chains with their market entry into the retail petroleum business throughout the Midwest. This work has included the development of UST standards, survey of specific locations, site plan development and approval, permitting, project bidding, material specification and procurement, construction management and inspection services as requested by the client.


Architectural Design and Project Management
Diamond Z project managers and CAD designers are working with a primary manufacturer and installer of architectural aluminum composite materials, ACM, for the retail automotive industry. We are supplying AutoCAD and project management service in support of the installation of architectural cladding systems at retail automotive dealerships such as Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Ford, and others.